At Fox Safety Consulting we deliver outstanding results across 3 key business areas: Workplace Health & Safety Consultancy, Auditing, as well as Training Development & Facilitation. We offer a range of safety services, including our i-Safety Virtual Services, allowing you to employ a safety asset, at a fraction of the cost of an FTE.

Fox Safety Consulting uses a network of consultants with vast experience in achieving optimum outcomes for clients in the government, energy, facilities maintenance, construction, and manufacturing sectors. We don’t offer “off the shelf” solutions, because we know how difficult it is to be across everything in business, so we custom create solutions for your business which are specifically designed to meet your needs. Our consultants will take the time to get to know your business. In short, we Support your Safety Journey.

We are so proud to announce that Fox Safety Consulting will be supporting TradeMutt’s WHS Journey. If you have not heard of TradeMutt and its mission, please take a moment to check their website out and like/follow their socials TradeMutt. Fox Safety Consulting is volunteering our resources and expertise to ensure that TradeMutt is looking after themselves, while they are looking after so many other people from all walks of life with the TIACS (This Is A Conversation Starter) service. If your workplace could use some brilliant new workwear that generates and supports much-needed conversations, please consider TradeMutt.

We are proud to announce that Fox Safety Consulting has been accepted to partner with Local Buy for the Human Resources and Employee Services – BUS278 Contract. This is a massive achievement for our boutique consultancy firm and it allows our Local Government clients to procure our services in a streamlined manner.

Get in touch and let us Support your Safety Journey